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Since 2003, Market Resolution has been liquidating a wide range of inventory throughout the continental USA, South Pacific/Asia, Middle East, EU and many countries in between. 

Market Resolution provides many competitive advantages in the liquidation industry including instant national name recognition, the assurance that we honor ANY and ALL restrictions with the understanding that we treat your company name like our own; with extreme value and professionalism and the ability to offer a "corporate goodwill" and sustainability component to every transaction.

We possess an incredible understanding of the retail sectors with experience in writing and developing unique tailored liquidation programs and wholesale diversification programs (WDP) specific to the customer to expand and provide a continuous ability to give back through corporate goodwill, our recent partnership with FEMA has afforded us the ability to spread the love on a much larger scale. 


Understanding the demographics of the consumer within these markets and by developing tailored WDP, we are able to filter our knowledge across a wide range of arenas providing our expertise to our clients to help increase their bottom line.


In 2018 we launched a new division of the company to expand our valuable knowledge and expertise to new and existing clients specifically tailored to and geared around hotels and casinos in North America for the liquidation of hotel rooms, gyms, common spaces, bars, restaurants and specific hotel related products. Being true to our name  Market Resolution is always striving to stay “unique” and this division is no different. Our specific model for hotel liquidations has been purposely tailored around providing 100% sustainability and maintaining our business model from day one of inception by incorporating giving back to local communities and many charities both domestically and worldwide. 


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