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A large division of Market Resolution is M.R Inc; Our team provides a one-stop solution from conceptual designs and custom experiences. By incorporating our extensive experience in unique design, in-house sustainable fabrication and full installation services, with our facilities located in both Southern California, Las Vegas Nevada and New York we are able to provide custom designs and creations for projects of all sizes and budgets for installations across the entire continental USA. Servicing large commercially known brands through to world renowned hospitality companies, from small to large scale events, trade-shows, conferences, conventions, VIP launches, brand launches and much more.....


And it doesn't stop there..... by Pushing The Boundaries of Technology, our highly experienced Total Concept Integration team works closely with you to understand the scope of your project and bring it to life with innovative technology.

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Sustainability doesn’t just come in the form of recycling bottles & water conservation. It is the things that you “create” that make you unique, the things that get overlooked, something as simple as repurposed furniture that are made to look brand new.…  Our customized program for sustainability in this division was developed due to the nature of Market Resolution incorporating sustainable program elements throughout ALL our divisions to help reduce the carbon footprint.... And just like our name suggests, we proudly developed & provide a resolution to the marketplace by incorporating the sustainable aspect to help meet our clients budgetary needs and design elements all the while contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility.




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