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M.R Inc is a corporate business based in Orange County, California; specializing in branded fashion and apparel, working and consulting with clients and customers from the continental USA, throughout the South Pacific/Asia, Middle East and many countries in between. 

The largest and oldest division of M.R Inc comprises of the acquisition of overstock, closeout and discontinued, salvage and surplus merchandise. Specializing in the arranging and selling of these branded commodities, all of which have been tailored to suit specific individual corporate programs, and in some cases incorporating their desired charities to sustain and provide a “Corporate Goodwill Program”.

M.R Inc provides many competitive advantages in the closeout market including instant national name recognition, the assurance that we honor ANY and ALL restrictions with the understanding that we treat your company name like our own; with extreme value and professionalism and the ability to offer a "corporate goodwill" component to the closeout transaction.

M.R Inc acquires the vast majority of the merchandise in the closeout market directly from the original equipment manufacturer, licensee or distributor (OEM). Given its successful track record with such opportunities, M.R Inc is often able to facilitate a relationship with the OEM / brand holder and authorized distributor to liquidate their overstock inventories directly through M.R Inc's program on an on-going basis. 

By demand, we launched a new division of the company to expand our valuable knowledge to new and existing clients in a consulting capacity by linking United States with the APAC region (Asia Pacific) within the retail markets. We possess an incredible understanding of the retail sectors with experience in product development, marketing, branding, sourcing, SMU’s, tailored wholesale diversification programs (WDP) to expand and provide a continuous ability to give back through  "Corporate Goodwill" and retail sales for both online sales and brick and mortar store locations with successfully moving over 18M units of stock worldwide since inception. Understanding the demographics of the consumer within these countries and by developing tailored WDP we are able to filter our knowledge across a wide range of arenas providing our expertise to our clients who desire to distribute their brands within these regions or incorporate a Corporate Goodwill component into their everyday sales.