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Air & Surface Decontaminator Solutions

Protect Your Employees & Patrons


Destroys over 99.9% of surface and airborne contaminants

Destroys 99.999% of Airborne RNA Viruses in 30 mins

Kills contaminants, REAL Time, ALL the Time!

1,000,000+ ActivePure® Installations in 70 Countries 

Used by 29 Major League Baseball Teams 

Certified Space Technology

Used by NASA on the International Space Station

Produces NO ozone, 100% Non-Toxic

Harmless to Humans, Animals & Plants

Easy to Install – Portable or Induct options available 

Extensive Third-Party Testing & Case Studies

Designed in the USA!

June 2020 SARS-CoV-2 Test Results:
Exceptional    (Please call for details)



ActivePure® Highlights:

  • 1,000,000+ Installations in 70 Countries

  • Used by 29 MLB Teams

  • Utilized by US Olympics & X Games

  • Utilized by the Military, DoD & NASA

  • Worldwide Patented, Certified Space Technology

  • Installed on International Space Station

  • Utilized at Ground Zero Museum

  • 2017 Inducted in Space Technology Hall of Fame

  • 2020 FDA Approved Medical Solution

ActivePure® Products can be used to safeguard environments from harmful airborne and surface contaminants in a wide variety of establishments such as: 

  • Hotels, Casino’s & Resorts

  • Restaurants & Retail

  • Public Indoor Venues, Distribution Centers

  • Businesses, Salons, Spas

  • Fitness Gyms

  • Churches

  • Assisted / Senior Living Facilities

  • Convention, Concert & Event Centers

  • Hospitals, Doctor’s and Dental Offices

  • Schools 

  • Veterinary Clinics

About ActivePure® Technology


ActivePure® is the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered. Activated by UV Light and Proprietary Treated Titanium Dioxide combined with Oxygen and Moisture creating continuous powerful hydroxyl oxidizers that seek and destroy over 99.9% of surface and airborne pathogens REAL time, ALL the time! This worldwide patented technology is in a class of its own, by continually filling the air space with hydroxyls 24/7 helping to prevent re-contamination of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, smoke, VOCs, odors and allergens in occupied spaces. 

In 2017, ActivePure® Patented Technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, one of only 75 technologies to receive such an honor in 30 years categorizing it as Certified Space Technology.


In June 2020, the FDA approved the only ActivePure® Technology as a Class II Medical Device, using the same ActivePure® Technology that is in all products listed below.

ActivePure® Portable & Induct Units



Black Box 1- BLASTER:        

Room Size: Up to 30,000 sf*    

Warranty: 5 Year




Black Box 2- PURE & CLEAN:    

Room Size: Up to 3,000 sf*    

Warranty: 3 Year            



Black Box 3- MOBILE AIR:        

Room Size: Up to 350 sf* (car)

Warranty: 1 Year            



Induct Units 750 - 20000:

Room Size: From 750sf sf* up to 20,000 sf*

Warranty: 3 years

*Depending on occupancy

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